Dawn Days

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Dawn Days


Dawn days played statistical images on the main street:
The average wasn't.
Was could never again BE.
Only NOW stood tall...


The capsulization of our thoughts even
Placed moments of reckoning in the daybreak
Reality set in for a session with the spirits
And the visions of dusk played in the minds
Of even the sanest of men....


Those were the days when dawn was as welcome as
Fresh fruits in a time of pleasure
When dawn days meant new beginnings
And fresh chances....


Now dawn days have little meaning to the lost souls
Who will one day beg forgiveness for never cherishing
Those precious memories.


For dawn days are true gifts from the Greater Love
A blessing to all whose eyes are open to ever greater visions
Of supremacy in its purist forms and ever aware
That there continues an ever new awakening

With dawn days.