Speaking of the Mind....

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Speaking of the Mind



Wonders of a glass strewn alley
As a million diamonds
Casting rainbow reflections
On a life gone sour.


In time the mind speaks for me
Of midday dreams
Nothing wasted but time
Which caught me sleeping
And played games of love
And of war
Turning the mind towards


Speaking of the mind is silly you find
Yourself wrapped in a peanut butter overcoat
Floating sluggishly in a cotton candy dream
Or so it seems
Rolling slowly in a


The head is nothing to play with.


Technicolor flashes, flashes, flashes,
Flashes from the bubble atop the ambulance atop
The head?
In time the mind plays every game
But not necessarily by the rules....

Playing with the mind is simple you find

Yourself  back in the alley never left and the diamonds

Stained with A-positive

All screaming out for recognition and




And the head

Torn from the mind

Speaking of the mind

It's nothing to play with.