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Freedom said the other day:
"Let the young go out to play
without the fears, without the threat
of evil that their parents met.
No toil nor strife, nor holding back
it all depends on what you lack
in mind, and body, and soul."

Yes Freedom said the other day:
"This young one didn't look my way!
A junkie is what he will be
this stuff, he says, can set him FREE?!
Well I'M FREEDOM, and I know he's wrong
then I ain't been around blacks too long
Not mind, nor body, nor soul."

Yes Freedom said the other day:
"We just can't free the kids to play
the same ones that your parents met
are going to get your black ass yet!
Back then your parents fought for me
this smoke, this HIGH can't set you free!
Weak mind...weak body...lost soul."