The Woods....

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The Woods Died Yesterday


Once captured were my dreams of life,

A capsulization of "Realizations"

That solemn time when trees were gifts

And cement reasoning made no sense

When every forest had the right

To expand limitless, fruits abounding

Carefree means of fertile passings

Never lost with purity's blessings.

The forests lived with secret meanings

Patterned after Great Supremes

Few the beast that hurt its being

Except one cruel uncaring form

tramped the pattern, voided norms

concrete meanings made no sense

the woods they passed on nevertheless

and left its charges yet unblessed.

Can say that forests once were home

When asphalt games were tired forms

And cries of automaton's gloom

Made freedom beckon from the trees

Created states of pure release

Where children once could joyful play

Before the woods died