Speaking of the mind.....

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Higher Education

(Federal City College, 1974)

In the interim we caught a jones on education

Relevant and irrelevant facts we learned

And learned to deal with the man

And not for him

Again and again we found just causes

Were no longer necessary.

The guitars played

The people tripped

We all found a party stimulus

Had fun and went to school

Education really tripped us out like

The more we got

The more we wanted

Joneses coming down harrrrrddddd.....

Isley Brothers at the stadium tonight who got the herb?

But then brains began to reek of alcohol and why oh why

Didn't they ever set us free?

Realizing is a nice thing to do but they say

We must forget the past and even if it is

A very effective reminder and very present we must try

To learn and speak fluent English and act as

Individuals or





If you're speaking of the mind from the mind

Then it's all right but don't go out in space seeking answers

Cause that's out of bounds.

This may be questionable but some say education is

And knowing is

And maybe if you lay ten on reverend ike he might just

Tell you what the number will be tonight


It's nice the way you sat there when no one was there

And I could have cared less cause you were so

Educated well beyond my grasp and

I couldn't give a good hot damn but

I do care

Cause it was me who was lost and as for you

We found that stone thing that lay waiting there

And before now we'd never lost but

I've learned so much in my days

And I've surpassed suppressing feelings

Cause I no longer feel deep like when we caught a jones

On learning and

Found the party stimulus and the more we wanted

The more we got and the more we got the more we lost

And eventually I come to this point and

I lose now