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The collected works of Ronald R. Hanna

Rock Stars: As a Matter of Crack

A most sordid tale of crack addiction in the dark undercurrents of Washington, D.C.

Afraid of the Darks - The Gentrification of Shaw

Gentrification in the inner city neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., and what some historic residents will do in attempts to hold on.


A young boy, the son of a Maryland preacher, comes under government scrutiny when his Internet scribblings seem to predict precisely national disasters well before they occur.

The Bank

Terrorism hits in the heart of Washington, D.C., and as the national intelligence network searches feverishly for the feared terrorist leader responsible in the mountains of Afghanistan, he continues his deadly plotting from a comfortable condominium in Arlington, Virginia.

"The 92"

Most people in Washington, D.C. would think there was little need for public transportation in the city after the midnight hour weekdays.  But along a thirty-mile stretch of meandering streets, from the upper Northwest quadrant to the deepest part of the far Southeast sector, there is always a wayfaring individual or two, or seven, or twelve, who depend on the No. 92 bus, to make their way to or from home, or just to escape from another part of the city after engaging in some measure of joy, some work, or perhaps, some form of devilment. 


The March To King Day - A Photographic Journey

Hustling Backwards