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Going for the Gold 


It's no wonder she's all alone

All grown

Occasionally stoned

Hitting the party circuit

A ball player she seeks

A bald player she meets

Circling the dance floor

Looking for more

Going for the gold but

All lost in a coal mine..

She thinks it's fine to carry it like that

Flaunting baby fat and thinking she's

All that

Seeking remedies for what ails her

But what fails her

is a realization

Of in depth knowledge

Of inner peace

A chance to release some universal goodness

But nevertheless

She doesn't realize

Just how blessed she is....


Used to be a wiz at math

Went down the wrong path and now

She's set on becoming a grown-up dependent

Going through Georgetown looking in windows

At baubles and beads and

What she really needs

Was always right there at home

So now she's all alone

Searching for gold in a coal mine

And eventually she'll find

Through a series of pains

That any man can walk on water

When it rains.