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Baby Formulas


Economic inconsistencies spark societal realities

and it seems that there’s little else

many have going for themselves.

Engaging joyous spectral matches

lost then



math equations put another soul in the mix

no one’s fixed to give critical care

and dare she’d even suggested

that he’d used protection

hard-score reaction gained traction

and before you know it

she’s in competition with the girlfriends

Baby strollers

double-parked outside the dwelling

of a 30-year-old grandmother.

And she’s not my little girl

but I bother

because her natural father

lands farther and farther away with each subsequent bust

so someone must.

At fifteen she wants to make a career of spitting nursery rhymes

a contrarian Mary who already knows

that her garden grows

each time Lil Rashawn makes probation

contributions to an underground nation

weaned on powdered fodder

and tax dollars.

Again in proud formations

of double-parked baby carriages

colorfully arrayed on city sidewalks

almost as common a sight as the spent bullet shells

of fathers who are casualties of an undeclared war

or are all too commonly spending their days and nights

off in some encaged factory

nine-to-27 years in the distance.

So a new summer dawns

and again we have adolescents amassed outside the classic venues

many comparable to hell

with too few boys in the mix stirring the baby formula

after the check is cut and the fix for nourishment gels.

Then again night falls

and the formulaic incursions gain heat

The summer streets abound anew

with fresh young faces

always ready to gather among double-parked baby carriages

but never among young mothers and fathers

readying themselves

for impending marriages.